If you ask her to define happiness, she would explain that it is all about enjoying the little moments. Moments when you stop worrying about all the million reasons why. Moments when you just relax and enjoy everything that’s going on.These moments make you realize the value of life, of happiness.

Like this one moment that she relives over and over again because it means so much more to her than just a moment. She sits there, among hundreds of people she never met before, but she does not care. She just sits there and listens to the guitar music, feels the goose bumps on her arms, and for a brief moment dreams of where she wants to be. She lives the moment, and enjoys the warm sunbeams on her skin, the emptiness that is slowly overwhelming her. No negative thoughts, no fears of the future, just room for all the feelings she experiences at that single moment. And as she sits in this meadow, she gradually realizes that this must be the perfect moment, that this moment must mean perfect happiness. And then she realizes what she really loves about her life: that the music always gives her the moments of happiness, of the perfect moment. And while some are still searching, and others have long given up, she knows that this feeling will always fill the empty place in her heart, which invariably makes her happy.

A perfect moment. That’s all there is.