Auch wenn es scheint, dass die Zeit für Dich stillsteht
Vielleicht ist es Zeit, dass man ein bisschen für sich geht
Schenk‘ Dich Dir selbst eine Weile,
mach‘ Dein Herz wieder heile.
Eine Welt wartet draußen auf Dich!


I feel like everyone is just waiting for 2016 to be over, but I want to take up the cudgels for it…

I have also been torn out of my daily routine for minutes or even hours, because of election results, acts of senseless violence (and no, I do not want to use the t-word) and death notes of more or less famous persons who have accompanied me in different ways. Nevertheless – with every up and down, every dispute or reconciliation, with all and new friends -, 2016 has been a year like any other. Just 365 (+1) different days.

However, one tiny little thing makes 2016 to a special year for me, because I fulfilled my dream. A dream I have never really believed in. A dream, I have tried to get closer to by films and books.

To be far away for once. To just turn one’s back on everything and go straight towards everything that lays ahead – whatever that might be.

Oh, I was impressed by all the fictional characters in film and literature who had dared to take this step. Impressed and disillusioning at the same time, as I couldn’t see myself in such a scenario. No matter how much I wanted to do the same, but my inner voice always told me that it wasn’t the right time, not the best financial situation or something else. But to be honest, travelling is a bit like the proverbial giving birth:  if you wait for the right moment, you will never have kids. And unfortunately, one finde too many lame excuses for not taking a step…

Anyways, in 2016, concerns were thrown overboard, financial worries (for the time being) more or less ignored and fear have been successfully fought back. Thus, I am really grateful for 2016, because I realized I can achieve what I want, and I can make my dreams come true.

And with every day, I spend outside in the world that has just been waiting for me, I have to admit that I become more and more a different person. A person that is really me. And even though I can’t get rid of my own demons, I’m developing an inner strength to accept them and to go my own way.

While New Year’s Eve is already taking place within a few hours, I avoid all social constrains and spend the evening with reading, writing and music. And I think of all the wonderful moments I was able to spend with people that are important to me. I definitely miss you a little bit!