She was sitting in a night train to Munich, the compartment was only slightly enlightened. That’s why she could appreciate the night even more. The dark black which has covered fields and roofs was only every now and then interrupted by a street lamp. It felt like it got hold of her soul. And as much as the yellow light tried, it couldn’t prevail over the black.
She heard a rustling, and realized that the figure next to her slowly opened its eyes.
“You’re still awake?”, he mumbled.
“Cannot sleep.”
“Why not?”
“Have you ever thought about what makes it worthwhile? Not life itself. But how it’s regulated. Shouldn’t we use every single moment and try to be happy? Trying to find something that fulfills us? I mean, something that lets us enjoy every second of it. Isn’t life for learning, teaching, experiencing – but above all for living?”
“Yes, sure.”
“And if you died tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?”
“Honestly, I don’t know.”
“Neither do I. And that scares me!”
She let her head sink against the window and watched the world go by. She started to shed a tear, and as she started to notice the rattle of the wheels on the tracks, she wondered when it was last time that she has been truly happy.