The following lines are far from easy to put into words.

Since this morning I’m lost in thoughts. One minute, I sit in the attic of a family house and listen to what the boy who is sitting opposite me has to tell about his favorite band. His enthusiasm for the mixture of rap and rock is hardly to be overlooked. The next minute, one of my oldest friend tries to explain how she feels, with the help of a song lyric, and why she believes she sometimes can’t find a way out. And then I see myself, listening to the music with headphones, hoping to finally find a way to escape the world.

Hybrid Theory has had an enormous impact on me, my way of thinking, my life – and it still has. And I know most of my friends feel the same or similar .

Music connects us, music gives us hope – and if it wasn’t for music, I would not know where some of my best friends would be today. And I do not know if I would be as strong as I am today!

Therefore I am so grateful that we have found something – back then and now – we were able to hold on to. Something that made us be better friends! I am thankful that we can talk openly about how we feel in the inside, that we are there for each other not matter what!

Today, on a day when we all have lost a piece of our past – and due to the fact of reliving the memory of one’s inner struggle  – I would like to tell you: You do matter! More than you can possibly believe! Don’t forget that!