Well, hello stranger and welcome to In Monsterly Love!
My name is Lena, and I might give it a try and explain what this is all about, even though I honestly have no idea where to start.

Maybe I should explain that if you met me, you’d get to know a woman in her late twenties (well, ok, the last year of my twenties, but whatever!) who loves music and literature, and most of the times wears a big smile on her face – because I love life. I appreciate all these little moments that show us how lucky we should consider ourselves.

I, for example, remember one moment during the summer 2012. I was with friends at a music festival called Rocco Del Schlacko and it was a Sunday. We’ve been quite hungover, and all of us had to deal with a lot of emotional and personal stuff. Therefore, we were just sitting on a grassy area, with sunglasses on, a kinda warmish can of beer in our hands, and have been listening to Chuck Ragan. And I remember that in this moment I thought: This is life! This is it. And I was happy.

Or another example: I used to commute to uni by train. Most of the time, it took me about 1 1/2 hours to get there, but one particular day a few weeks before Christmas, it took me almost 3 hours, as my first train got cancelled and the second one has been delayed. I could’ve been mad, I could’ve been complaining, but instead I made the most out of the situation. I started to watch people: Some of them were leaving and had heartbreaking goodbyes, others hugged because it seemed like they haven’t seen each other in ages and were finally be able. And while watching all that, I finally have been able to start writing again – something I haven’t done back then in a long time…

Well, yeah, I guess that’s the short version of who I am… The version I try to be most of the day.
But there is another side of me. A side I used to hide.
A side that belongs to me as much as every other aspect of my personality.

A side I finally started to talk about: The dark side of me.

In monsterly love,