Dave Matthews band.
Dave Matthews.

I’ve written quite a few texts already about what feelings music can trigger in me, but when it actually happens again, it’s always unbelievable. And although I have already attended so many concerts, such evenings as yesterday are an absolute rarity. Reason enough to write about it and relive them.

When no-one wanted to attend one of Dave Matthew’s band’s four concerts in 2010 with me, my disappointment was huge. I could not understand that my friends wouldn’t want to see a band that not only plays music but, in my opinion, casts magic. And the idea of ​​going to a concert by myself was not really appealing to me back then. I guess, I thought you need to experience something like this together with others as such an experience is all about connecting people. To not be disappointed – mostly of myself – again, I decided back in January: Next time I’ll go, no matter how!

My patience was being tested for five years, but suddenly: social networks spread the news, and when I saw the dates for Frankfurt, I could hardly believe my luck. This time I would not miss the opportunity – I bought two tickets. Now I only had to wait six months. Six months til an evening that no author, no filmmaker could have written better about.

I can’t tell you about the last time I was so excited before a concert. I could not sleep, could barely eat and, at noon that day, I felt like my stomach was turning. But before I realized what was about to happen, I stood in the dome hall of the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt at half past seven. Maybe five, but no more than six meters from the stage, among hundreds of people, trying to hide my excitement. However, I do not think that I succeeded really well. Then finally, punctually at 8:30, the lights went out. Headlights lit the drums in soft, blue light and you could literally grab the tension.

And finally he stepped on stage, in black, with his acoustic guitar, with his band …

What can I say, it was incredible from the first moment. It was amazing, it was magic, it was easy-going. It went right into the heart, my heart. I was standing there, staring intently at the stage, appreciating in the moment. Out of sheer excitement, my hands were sweaty, my back was cold and I was simply impressed. Incredibly impressed. And when Dave finally started to sing, and I began to cry.
I was in this hall, five years after I had been so bitterly disappointed – especially by myself – and listened to the rhythms of the drums, the magic of the violin and the melody of the acoustic guitar … and I cried with happiness.
In the middle of the set list, they played this one song that is so much more than just a song for me. That’s when the emotional roller coaster inside of me striked the top. Without announcement, without a big outline, they played Crash Into Me.
My heart was throbbing, my knees trembled, and I wept freely.
In that moment of ease, I was not with all the other people in the hall.
At that moment, there was only the band, that one song and me.

After three wonderful hours, I probably have felt every feeling a human being can feel, I have been in an emotionallystate and speechless. This evening was more than I could have dreamed of. It was wonderful, breathtaking, unique…
And the fact that I was able to share all this with my father, who appreciates music as much as I do, is probably the greatest gift. And that’s why this evening will always be one thing for me:

My perfect concert!