She sits thoughtfully at the platform
Listens to the indistinct announcements
The trains are late again
But she does not really care

She is lifting her chin heavenwards
The golden sun warms her face
Straylight Run is playing
Gradually she loses herself in her favorite song

She watches the hustle and bustle
How everyone runs hectically back and forth
Her fellow human beings hardly take notice
Suddenly she’s fixated by two eyes

She flinches, gets nervous
A shiver runs down her spine
Did she actually…?
Was it really him?

She had been waiting for weeks
With every train a gasp of relief
It had to be him
After all, she needed him more than ever now

She bestirs
Grabs her bag
Peers in one direction
And then she starts running.

Finally he sees her, grins
She lights up all over her face, runs.
He sees her tears of joy
Shortly thereafter, he had put his arms around her.

Breathless, she looks up at him
He pulls her closer, smiles at her.
She smiles back, pinches him and whispers:
“Are you real? Are you back for real?”